9 Grams

Produced by Progressive Pupil’s Executive Director Robin J. Hayes, the 9 Grams play follows a Hollywood screenwriter (Maisha Yearwood) who is placed in solitary confinenent in a Turkish prison because of where she’s from and how she loves. The play is part of a transmedia project that aims to illuminate Black women and the LGBTQ community are impacted by mass incarceration.  The next staged reading of the play is part of the ProudAF Theater Festival in New York City. July 16, 2016. Tickets available at thetanknyc.org. 

3 thoughts on “9 Grams

  1. What ever happen to when in Rome, do as the Romans do? When I travel I have learned to abide by the local customs! You after all are visiting/invading their space! I will come to this play to hear about the process; then reply again after the dance!

  2. I have never heard of Maisha Yearwood prior to this so I was intrigued to learn more.. I stumbled upon this article written by her personally telling her story- http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2015/10/21/how-hollywood-screenwriter-ended-turkish-prison
    It is really well written and I was left kind of surprised that her story did not generate more of a stir. It seems now it serves as a story to tell and spread awareness; I am eager to watch a screening of the play.

  3. Mass incarceration is taking it’s toll on black people, and that is a shame. They are spending more time in prison than they are getting an education and joining the workforce. According to a fact sheet by the NAACP, African Americans constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million people who are incarcerated, almost have of the total population. One in six black men had been incarcerated as of 2001. If current trends continue, one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime. As well, 1 in 100 African American women are incarcerated. These are indicative of failures of the criminal justice system. The laws need to be amended so that blacks do not serve the majority of penalties for minor offenses. White people many of the same offenses, particularly with drug possession, and never serve a day in prison. There is something wrong with a system that continues to function this way.

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