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Last Chance

Today, the New York Times reported in an astonishing video on racist, islamophobic, homophobic and misogynist statements emboldened by the Orange one at his campaign rallies. One attendee remarks, “this is the last chance…to preserve the culture I grew up in.” Please share with a friend who is considering not voting this election year.


10 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. oh there is a great deal of smoke and mirrors this time around ladies and gentlemen: The trick is to not fall for the o-key do-key “bs” that both sides will be feeding the public this voting season! Left wing or right wing or left wing: it’s still part of the same bird! [ I first heard that on a New York radio station that no longer is around occasionally drop those valid pearls of wisdom] Any wonder why some are still fighting the battles from 50 years ago, progress my ass!

    So vet whomever you choose to vote for, but just vote for a valid reason: not the smoke and mirrors Don/Hill will be serving up over the next 100 days!

  2. I am not at all surprised at the blatant misogyny, racism and bigotry that pervades Trump rallies on a daily basis. His entire campaign is based on a concept of white America, where the needs of immigrants, women and children do not matter at all. I think, though, that his campaign and all the events that have come along with it have revealed that there is still a sizable chunk of America that is extremely racist, uninformed, and ignorant. People who support building a wall do not understand the contributions of so many different minority groups to the United States. These undocumented immigrants, who come here with next to nothing, do jobs that no American would ever do. Donald Trump has the nerve to not only insult these groups, but to attempt to eliminate them from the fabric of American society. America is a melting pot of all people from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds. To focus on the elimination of one particular group that has contributed so much to the American economy is not only racist, but it contradicts everything that American values stand for. The insults and sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton are nothing new. We saw them 8 years ago when she first ran for President, mostly from the media and political punditry. Sexism is not going away anytime soon, but this time, it’s combined with so many other forms of bigotry that it’s really quite difficult to stomach. I am glad that the NYT has been tracking his rallies. For people who are on the fence, this may be what helps them make a final decision. Vote your conscience, don’t go with the crowd.

  3. It is difficult to feel badly for people who ignite such hate on other people and ideas they don’t understand or know anything about but I am trying to do just that. The video shows us how much this campaign is taking the fear that many American’s have of the unknown and turning it into discrimination and hate. Lack of education and compassion and a one-sided media view have created a population who are terrified of “their way of life” being taken away. I very much agree that voting is the most important thing we can do, but the thing is that the other side feels the same way. How does this end in a way that creates any sort of long-standing change? When I see footage like this it feels as though I am watching people from another world not my own country. This election seems to be further separating American’s into two distinct countries of people instead of bringing the groups into any sort of united states.

  4. I found this to be very difficult to stomach. I cannot believe what many people feel to be the right thing. The interesting thing between this and the videos from Sanders or Clinton campaigns were that the Democrats’ campaigns were relatively more civil. I don’t understand Trumps need to so angry and vulgar and just plain cruel. He is inciting hate and I cannot believe people are not seeing that. What would they call it when explaining it to their children or young people? I honestly thought that we were over that threshold with the civil rights movement. Today, the cruelty and bigotry is not only just about African Americans –but minorities but people with different religious. I am just shocked, saddened, and actually quite angered by the video that I just saw. I hope that the elections will result more progress than hate than what we are seeing and hearing about all over the US and the entire world frankly.

  5. It amazes me. Exclaiming “last chance.” To me, this is a proclamation of fear. It is akin to saying, “I have no prospect for success, I see no other options in my future, I am limited by my circumstances.” Yet, those proliferating this thought process, mostly those of my race, Caucasian, are the ones most likely in America today to have prospects for success, to have options and are not limited by their circumstances.

    It is frustrating that these critics announce such proclamations at a rally for the current Republican Presidential nomination, Trump. I will not disagree that are many, too many, suffering from poverty, hunger, unbearable living conditions and atrocious healthcare. Without a doubt, this underserved population needs to be heard and can understandably feel that it is their last chance. However, those aren’t the persons I am witnessing as being in attendance at these rallies. The persons I see exclaiming “last chance” appear to be fairly well dressed, well fed and even appear to be healthy.

  6. Being from Canada, my experience with politics is quite different. At no point does political propaganda and/or political campaigns and discriminatory ideologies such as racism, islamophobia, homophobia and misogyny ever become associated with each other in the same realm like the way it has in this particular campaign. It has been to a degree terrifying to see the acceptance of such practices amongst Americans. We should feel privileged that we get to exercise our right to rally, to be heard, to support and to vote freely. And if we did “law and order” would just be followed naturally and we wouldn’t be discussing this in the first place. By any rational measure it was clear Clinton won last nights debate. Anybody who after watching that still thinks Trump is even qualified to be president, or let alone is a superior choice to Clinton, is probably either too uneducated or too bigoted (or both) to be reached by a conventional political campaign.

  7. Each time I view one of these videos showcasing footage of trump rallies, I remember the first time I saw one, and was, for lack of another word, horrified. The sheer number of people shouting racist, misogynistic, and homophobic statements and slurs is downright shocking to witness. These video clips are important to see however, in order to remind us that we absolutely must use our right to vote this November. If not for any other purpose other than to keep Donald Trump out of the Whitehouse. As a Bernie supporter, I understand others with liberal socialist leanings desire to vote for a third party candidate, or do a write in ballot. I wholeheartdely feel that we must put aside our anger at the system and vote Democratic. The very least we can do is not give fellow U.S. citizens, like the ones shown in this video, a platform to further their hypocrisies. The United States is founded on immigrants and all of our shared cultures. Without immigrants, there would be no America, as we know it today. To say, “ignorance and immigrants, they mix together,” is in itself “ignorant.”

  8. Oh, how I strongly agree! Voting in any election is important. However, it seems like our country has taken a turn and have forgotten the values which we were founded on. I am surprised daily at the things shown on the media regarding the election because I just cannot believe this these candidates are our options for potential leadership of this great nation. The Obama election was important because it was a symbolic moment in history. However, this election is even more important because depending on the outcome, each and every one of our lives is in jeopardy. I do not understand anyone who has the power to vote but choose not to exercise those rights. We must vote, our lives depend on it.

  9. This video emphasizes the ideas of racism and bigotry that people still have within our culture. These ideas are dividing our country and promoting hatred towards minority groups. The United States was built on the idea of immigration and allowing people from other countries to come and work hard for a better life for themselves. Presidential candidate Trump is using his male dominance to ignite hatred towards minority groups and women. His position is that women should not be President or head of our country and immigrants should be taken out of this country. When we perpetuate these ideas of bigotry, we as a society are preserving culture hat is one-sided. This preserved culture will oppress many ethnic groups and their beliefs in what it means to live within the United States.

  10. Watching the video and hearing all of the racist, islamophobic, homophobic and misogynist statements was a surreal experience. Each time I would hear one I would expect it to be the end of the video yet the video continued and continued and the comments continued. It is very disturbing that there were that amount of statements made with no consequences. I don’t understand how we live in a world in the year 2016 where people truly believe and say such intolerant things. I understand that people have first amendment rights, however, at some point there needs to be someone teaching when and where it is appropriate to share intolerant beliefs as well as educating the masses. I truly hope yes that people get out and vote but more importantly there is some way to educate these intolerant individuals.

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