Off to Haiti! Black and Cuba will be screening at the annual Caribbean Studies Association conference. I’ll be answering questions and hearing feedback afterwards. It is my first trip to Haiti and I’ve already learned so much in preparation. 

Did you know:

  • Haiti has a lower homicide rate than the Dominican Republic and Jamaica?
  •  Vodun which we call “Voodoo” accepts followers of all genders and sexual orientations? 
  • The first place Columbus landed in Haiti in 1492 was renamed Limonade ?

Being a Black revolutionary often requires making lemons into Limonade. I’ll be sharing more of my journey during the next two weeks on The Progress and Instagram @robinjhayes.

One thought on “Limonade

  1. Don’t sleep on your Caribbean adventure; still pays to move like you are in the hood: (Harlem)! Just saying: remember when you American women go down there you are susceptible to be played by the local hood rats in the area!
    Other wise enjoy your adventure and keep us posted on the PG version of your travels!
    Take care!

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