The Queen of Latin Soul

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La Lupe. Image courtesy of BeingLatino.Us
La Lupe.
Image courtesy of BeingLatino.Us

Guadalupe Victoria “Yoli” Raymond was born in Santiago de Cuba two days before Christmas, 1936. Soon the world would come to know her as ‘La Lupe’, or ‘La YiYiYi’ (pr. GeeGeeGee). Her music touched millions, and La Lupe paved the way for other AfroCuban artists like Celia Cruz. Described by her older sister Norma Yoli as “just another Black girl from Santiago,” to Latin@ communities around the world, she was so much more. La Lupe remains an icon and a legend, the Queen of Latin Soul! In 1971, La Lupe told Look magazine, “I think people like me because I do what they like to but can’t get free enough to do.

To learn more about La Lupe’s life, music and legacy, check out this free documentary:


by Joanne Bermudez

Power and Soul

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James Brown and The Fania All-Stars were some of the renowned Latino, African American and African musicians that were brought together in Kinshasa, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) for a 3-day music festival in 1974. The planners had approached Don King to combine the event with the title fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.  Although the events were linked, the fight was pushed back to October. The footage filmed was originally to create the Academy Award Winning boxing documentary When We Were Kings. Hours of footage had previously remained unseen until Jeffrey Levy-Hinte released the film Soul Power in 2008.