Black to the UK

Awrite! Black and Cuba has been selected to be part of the Africa in Motion Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s the largest film festival about the African diaspora in the United Kingdom. This is the award-winning documentary’s second public screening in the UK, the first being near Electric Avenue in London’s diverse Brixton neighborhood at the Ritzy Cinema.


See the film November 1st, 2017 7:30pm at The Rum Shack in South Glasgow. The film goes great with Cuba Libres and Mojitos!

Photo above courtesy of Getty Images.  A member of Cartha’s Queen Park Rugby team during an exhibition match in Havana, Cuba.

Empire in 3D: The Installations of Yinka Shonibare

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"Flower Time" instillation by Yinka Shonibare courtesy of
“Flower Time” instillation by Yinka Shonibare courtesy of

Yinka Shonibare is a British-Nigerian artist who is perhaps most known for his work on “colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalization.” He suffers from a disorder called transverse myelitis, which has caused one side of his body to be paralyzed. According to Shonibare himself: “I do have a physical disability and I was determined that the scope of my creativity should not be restricted purely by my physicality. It would be like an architect choosing to build only what could be physically built by hand.”


Empowering Family Values

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Photo courtesy of the Socialist Party, Brixton, United Kingdom, 1981.
Photo courtesy of the Socialist Party, Brixton, United Kingdom, 1981.

Providing people with the resources and information needed to understand barriers to success is a key step in working toward positive social change so that strategies can be developed to remove or diminish those barriers. The Race Equality Foundation (REF), based out of the United Kingdom, is one organization that has done outstanding work in understanding the root causes of disadvantage and discrimination. The foundation produces a wealth of evidence-based research on a number a different topics affecting marginalized communities and makes these resources readily available to volunteers, practitioners and policy makers. Their research gives everyday people a set of skills and best practices that can help us overcome the obstacles of racism. Specifically, they concentrate on disseminating knowledge through educational workshops on the issues of health care, housing, social care and parenting support.