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Korryn Davies, 23, now among The Counted

In memory of Korryn Gaines, who was killed today in front of her 5 year old son by Baltimore police, please take a moment and look at The Counted. Published by The GuardianThe Counted is an online database of people killed by police in the U.S. It appears Korryn Gaines will be number 631 in 2016.

The police officers involved attempted to arrest Korryn for failing to appear in court to answer nonviolent traffic charges.

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  1. God Bless her, and especially her children. I DID see the videos and I believe that Ms. Gaines and the police could have handled it better. I don’t think that there is a need to shoot a person over driving without tags; and I think that Ms. Gaines should have taken her children into consideration. Just so you know, I am a Black woman and I am painfully aware of systemic racism and the police departments’ misuse of power when it pertains to citizens who may not look like them, but we, as Blacks, should still use common sense and try to preserve our lives and we should protect our children and having a gun and engaging the police in a shoot-out with the children in the car was senseless. Her 5 yr old son was shot in the leg. (Now, the police are trying, through ballistic tests, to determine whether Ms. Gaines shot her son.) Again, I think that this could have been handled better by everyone involved.

  2. The number 631 is incredible. Although we all hear about police brutality on the news and social media almost daily, if I had been asked how many people were killed by police in 2016 my guess would have been significantly less than the actual number of 631. Having the number right in front of me in black and white makes everything that much more real and that much more scary. That means there are 631 families and groups of friends who have to live with a needless loss every day. How long can this go on until something changes?

  3. Wow, I didn’t know The Counted existed. It’s shocking to visually see that number increase everyday. We tend to go through our day-to-day lives and only hear about the big news shooting, but police shootings happen everyday. Very interesting to see the total percentages by race and state. I also find it crazy that, according to the website, “The US government has no comprehensive record of the number of people killed by law enforcement” and that “between 2005 and 2012 just 1,100 police departments – a fraction of America’s 18,000 police agencies – reported a “justifiable homicide” to the FBI.” Why has this data tracking not been required?!

  4. I checked today the counted and the number of the people killed is now 798! 123 of the people were NOT armed. These facts are sad and frustrating. I am sure there are several stories that are similar to Gaines. Even though the police officers are being now watched closely, the killings have not decreased.

  5. I am happy that the Counted exists. It’s a good way to keep track of how many people are killed for such frivolous reasons. At the same time, it’s also quite sad. It is such a shame that such a beautiful young woman had to give her life for something so unnecessary. Do you know how many people have to answer to nonviolent traffic charges? So many people get called to the courts every single day for minor traffic violations, and they don’t have to give their lives or even be arrested for it. It is shameful and ridiculous that this woman had to give her life in front of her kids. Now her little boy will have to grow up without his mommy. Such a shame. Police officers are being monitored now, but the shootings keep happening. The trends should be going in the opposite direction, and yet somehow they are not.

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