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The New Old “Ghetto Fabulous”

l. Rihanna and Iman model Balmain Gold Bamboo Earrings courtesy W Magazine Mother and Child at Brooklyn's Fulton Mall photographer Jamel Shabazz
l. Rihanna and Iman model Balmain Gold Bamboo Earrings courtesy W Magazine Mother and Child at Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall photographer Jamel Shabazz


Happy October!

When I saw the epic fashion photo spread featuring Rihanna, Iman and Naomi Campbell in W magazine, I immediately connected the gold earrings by French luxury fashion house Balmain (pictured above, $850) and the bamboo earrings I coveted at Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall when I was growing up.

2 thoughts on “The New Old “Ghetto Fabulous”

  1. I agree 100% with this post! When I saw Rihanna in a photo shoot with two infamous model moguls like Iman and Naomi I knew that our innovated style had been captured in a high fashion manner. I applaud these three beautiful women of color that are representing “our” style in such a high fashion matter. Do they or better yet, do we receive credit for this?–No. But lets be honest, when have we ever received credit for our innovated ways?

    I guess what I’m saying is if it was not for our people you could not do simple things like spread that peanut butter across that PB&J sandwich. New York City would be a monstrosity of car wrecks if it wasn’t for Garret Morgan, who invented the stop light… And don’t even get me started on how Lewis Latimer perfected the light bulb and most of America still can’t get a clue (catch that?).

    For decades our music, fashion, art, and ideas have not been credited to our community. However, it is great to see that the things we do carry so heavily and our society everyday .I personally just hope one day that the things we make and do will be identified rightfully by us because the Black and Latino community has given our society a lot more than we are credited.

  2. Fashion seems to walk an very precarious and complex line when it comes to imitating, or paying homage to, various aspects of American culture. I also purchased my (now long lost) first pair of heart-shaped bambo gold-plated earrings in Fulton Mall, as I went to high school in the area. This style of earring strikes me as so Brooklyn- iconic it’s no wonder it has hit the haute fashion houses.

    But I’d still rather get mine at Fulton Mall…

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