One thought on “#NowPlaying at the Progressive Pupil office

  1. Being that this is her third studio album, I cannot be more proud to be associated as a fan (especially given what is going on both politically and internationally in our world). I think Rolling Stone could not have summarized the album a better way- “Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ Walks Softly, Speaks Radically”. The album’s tone is formulated around being a black woman in 2016, in not only a successful but riveting way. Solange’s utilized her talent to musically take a stand in the civil rights movement while displaying the hardships and indignities black people and more specifically her own ancestors have and are still facing.
    She could not have released it at a better time, in my opinion. I really think the music industry could provide/move towards social change if more celebrities followed Solange’s lead.

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