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Podcast: Diversity vs. Inclusion

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When will race no longer be a barrier to educational success? In this episode of BREAKING DOWN RACISM, a former Deputy Director of Prep for Prep–a leadership development and educational access program for young people of color–discusses his take on the future of equality in private education. Could your school do a better job with diversity and inclusion? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Writers: John Dumey, Layla Nunez, Noemi Morales
Director: Layla Ninez
Producer: John Dumey, Noemi Morales
Featured Guest: Peter Bordonaro
Host/Executive Producer/Series Creator: Robin J. Hayes, PhD
Production Assistant: Enrique Prieto Mancia

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Diversity vs. Inclusion

  1. Thank you for sharing this interview. The difference between diversity and inclusiveness is really interesting.

    Indeed, we should expect from the educational system to create equal outcomes for students who leaves their home disadvantaged by family and community poverty. Anyone should have equal chances to access to any education system, including university.

    Information is the key – for the people, the parents, and the future students.
    As Peter Bordonaro and Robin Hayes said, education is an important tool on racial equality. It gives positive experiences.

    But Racism has not go away, and the best way to fight it is to be educated. How can student of color, disadvantages and poorer children can access to a better education ? to an equal education ? How can we open the system ?

    In France and some other countries of Europe, most universities are free, and open to anyone. Among all the problem Europe is facing, at least we all have the same changes concerning our education. Is that enough ? “Inclusiveness needs a long range plan” and has to be equal in each stage of our lives.

  2. Very interesting podcast. It’s true, diversity is not the same thing as inclusion. I think schools are doing a better job about creating diversity in their student population and getting diverse students to campus, but they seem to think that, once the students get there, it’s no longer their problem and it’s up to the students. Yes, I agree, students must do a better job of being inclusive with each other, but the school must create the environment that will foster this relationship building.

    I think there is also a larger, underlying issue at play here. And it’s an education issue. When will race no longer be a barrier to educational success? When children are set-up for educational success from the moment they walk into school, no matter their race. Most children of color, particularly in non-English speaking households, do not get the vocabulary or the content that middle to upper-class children receive. These children start at a disadvantage and are constantly playing catch-up throughout their education. Not only must they learn and master the skills, but they must figure out the content that many of their peers are growing up with at home.

    Of course, there are many other factors that still create a barrier to educational success and full “inclusion”, but I believe this is an additional component of the “level playing field,” in addition to financial aid mentioned on the podcast. Sure, financial aid can help students through the door, and create that “diversity” schools need, but only if they’ve been set-up with the proper content-knowledge education throughout their schooling will they have a chance of “inclusion.”

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