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What Does Progressive Pupil DO Exactly?

The Harlem Chorus, narrators of Black and Cuba, following the Black studies tradition
The Harlem Chorus, narrators of Black and Cuba, following the Black studies tradition. Photo Courtesy of Progressive Pupil 2013.

Happy Black History Month!  Our new website, has excellent resources for teachers, activists and scholars to help with your Black History Month programming.  Also, I will be giving a talk, Why Black Studies is for Everybody, February 21st at The New School that will be available free via LiveStream that you can add to the activities of your organization or school.  Please email our Community Outreach Specialist, Shannon Shird, for more information.

This is also a great time to revisit some questions I’m frequently asked about the work of Progressive Pupil. 

“What does Progressive Pupil DO exactly?”

Progressive Pupil changes how Black communities are seen in order to inspire belief that problems caused by racism can be solved.  If we don’t believe things can change, we won’t take action to change them.

Day-to-Day, Progressive Pupil makes Black studies for everybody by creating documentary films and social media that empower participation in community efforts to address racial discrimination, which is an international human rights issue. The organization is a nonprofit based at The New School.

“But what is Black studies?”

Black studies is a learning tradition that emerged during slavery and became part of universities in response to student activism in the 1960s.  With readings, films, art exhibitions, courses and dialogues on and off-campus, Black studies expands knowledge about racial inequality and communities of African descent throughout the world.

“And who is ‘everybody’?”

People from all walks of life who are concerned about racism and want to create change.  Progressive Pupil makes special efforts to assist the anti-racist work of Activists, Students, Scholars, Artists, Teachers and their Allies.

“Can you give me an example of how what you do works?”

Our documentary, Black and Cuba(which premieres at the Pan-African Film Festival in LA February 7) shows inspiring representations of Black youth, AfroCuban life and anti-racist activism that are radically different from what’s usually seen in mainstream media.  We are currently developing informative resources that will empower folks who see the film to take action in their communities.

 Most importantly, Progressive Pupil is here for you. Anytime you have any questions about our work or would like support in your efforts to address racism, please email me at   You can join our family of supporters by:

Making a Contribution

Organizing a Black and Cuba Screening at your campus, nonprofit or church

Participating in and Subscribing to our blog, The Progress

Liking us on Facebook and Following us on twitter.

At The Progress, we’re celebrating Black Future Month because we believe awareness about the past of Black communities’ struggles and triumphs empowers us to create change.

Happy Black History and Black Future to everybody.

Yours in Solidarity,



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