Documentary and narrative works that illuminate the complexity of the Black experience. Our latest award-winning film Black and Cuba is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play in the US and throughout the Americas.


Enthralling live experiences that amplify the voices of the most vulnerable community members. Our most recent play, 9 GRAMS, follows a Hollywood screenwriter as she endures solitary confinement in a Turkish prison because of who she is and how she loves.


Dramas and docu-series about that elevate discussions about  the hot topic issues of our times. In partnership with renowned Caribbean author Tiphanie Yanique, Progressive Pupil is currently developing the one-hour single camera series Fortune Bay based on her prize-winning novelLand of Love and Drowning.

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Cultural Programs

Diversity Trainings

Fun relevant workshops designed for nonprofits, campuses, and corporations that are committed to inclusive excellence. Our most popular curricula, “Coping With MicroAggressions” and “Teamwork Makes King’s ‘Dream’ Work,” were developed by founder Dr. Robin J. Hayes and based on her decades of experience as an award-winning scholar and nonprofit leader. Best suited for faculty and student orientations, professional development, and/or difficult dialogues about current events. See a full description of our workshops.

Activism Place

For festivals, street fairs, and conferences, Activism Place is an interactive exhibition that highlights local social change organizations and opportunities for civic engagement, including registering to vote. An uplifting experience for audiences and participating organizations alike, this exhibition offers special events a unique opportunity to give back and build brand integrity. Previous participants include the NAACP, Voto Latino, and PETA.

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More Solutions


Digital experiences that democratize knowledge, empower civic engagement, and build community. Since 2012 our blog, The Progressexpands knowledge about the history, culture and politics of Black communities with a different them each month. The podcast series, Breaking Down Racismprovides helpful, affirming information about everyday experiences with race.


Progressive Pupil helps nonprofits, scholars, authors, and artists expand the impact of their work with high quality, innovative content and businesses that seek to reach diverse audiences. With nearly ten years experience creating award-winning media, Progressive Pupil provides story development, filming, editing, and audience engagement strategies for documentary shorts, book trailers, event promotions, and fundraising. In partnership with Yinteract, app and website design services are also available.

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Reviews & Testimonials


“A must-see for people of all colors”

Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Duke University


“A great thing. Shows young kids they have a political voice”

Sam Blum Village Voice


“Truly eye-opening. Participants felt they could more clearly name some of the difficult experiences they encounter as a person of color living in the U.S.”

Sajjadur Rahman Program Director, Institute for Transformative Mentoring at The New School


“Merged concepts of organizational development with principles of social justice, and presented material that was resonant and relevant to my staff members. You could say Dr. Hayes spoke our language, and everyone responded very well to it.”

Ashwini Hardikar, MPH Director of Prevention and Outreach, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center


“A great historical journey. Intimate and informative” 

Dr. Rosemari Mealy Author, Fidel and Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting


“A marvelous film that offers crash courses on Caribbean history, colonialism, revolution, and modern US foreign policy.  Neither Cuba nor the United States will look quite the same again.”

Professor Matthew Jacobson Yale University


“Inspiring! A revelation, a dream, and a powerful example of what Black studies was designed to do.”

Professor Robin D.G. Kelley University of California, Los Angeles


“Extraordinary. A great resource in the urgent task of rethinking relationships with Cuba.”

Professor Paul Gilroy Author, The Black Atlantic

Our team


Part of the Solution

Progressive Pupil creates transformative media and learning experiences about the history, cultures, and politics of the African diaspora. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Robin J. Hayes, the organization aims to expand awareness, deepen understanding, and promote constructive dialogues about equality. With audiences throughout the United States and abroad, Progressive Pupil unites people from diverse backgrounds. In short, it makes Black studies for everybody.


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Oakland-based Brontez Purnell draws from a mash-up of comedic styles that’s one part In Living Color, two parts Chappelle Show and one part Golden Girls. The result is brilliant satire influence by a distinctly gender fluid, Queer positive and Black perspective. Check out his short film for the Visual AIDS project, The 100 Boyfriends Mixtape (The Demo).    100 Boyfriends […]

When They Ask To Touch Your Hair, AGAIN

Many of us women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community dread these first few days of the new year. The prospect of returning to campuses, nonprofits or companies where we are isolated, harassed, and blocked from success can be disheartening. In my own life, discrimination fanned the flames of doubt and shame […]

New “Black Panther” Trailer is all Motherships and AfroFuturism

Today director Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios dropped another edge-snatching preview of the most anticipated superhero film in the diaspora’s history. It seems Coogler’s visionary film crew and talented cast (which includes Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, and Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett) are channeling Parliament Funkadelic and Sun Ra with a […]

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