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While Robin was a tenure track professor at The New School, she directed the award-winning documentary Black and Cuba, produced the prize-winning play 9 GRAMS, and collaborated with community-based organizations throughout the US, Great Britain, and Germany. The lawsuit her attorneys filed today alleges the university’s senior leadership subjected Robin to years of harassment, disparate treatment, and inequitable compensation because of her race, gender, color and sexual orientation.

After she reported this discrimination to Human Resources, she was fired.

With this action, The New School destroyed Robin’s future prospects for tenure as well as her ability to teach and mentor students full time. Since Progressive Pupil was also headquartered at the university, the organization’s community engagement and creative work has been negatively impacted by the loss of office space and other administrative and academic support.

Unfortunately, Robin’s lawsuit is just the most recent in a string of discrimination allegations against the The New School. The New York Post reported that university administrators refused to investigate or fire a straight White male professor who was accused of repeatedly raping and kidnapping students. No, we’re not exaggerating. Recently via Twitter, an African American student claimed administrators at The New School pressured her to leave the university after she was attacked by white supremacists on campus.

The university claims to be a bastion for social justice and dissent, while its senior officials repeatedly refuse to address discrimination within its ranks.

This hypocrisy is The New School Hate. Don’t let them get away with it.

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You can read the complete lawsuit at

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Misogyny in Modern America

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"Misogyny" courtesy of nessie666.deviantart,com
“Misogyny” courtesy of nessie666.deviantart,com

I started this post with the intention of posing a definition of misogyny, providing a couple examples, and wrapping it up. But, when I went onto to look up the definition for misogyny, the first thing that popped up was “Vampire Ass: an ass so juicy you just can help but sink your teeth into it.” Nevermind the two blatant misusages of grammar, this is a perfect example of how misogyny has infiltrated our every day thinking.


Progressive Classics: On Yeezus and Black Feminism

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image courtesy of Myspace.
image courtesy of Myspace.


Editor’s Note: While we like to keep profanity, violence and misogyny to a minimum on our blog, Kanye West’s Yeezus is explicit in nature. Please be aware that the lyrics re-printed here may be very offensive to some people. 

The self-proclaimed Michael Jordan of rap is gearing up to work on the “second half” of last summer’s critically confusing Yeezus, so we’re going to take a look back at our feminist deconstruction of the blasphemous collection of songs.