The Dawn of Freedom


Yale professor Jonathan Holloway – who is featured in Black and Cuba – is teaching an open online course called African American History: From Emancipation to the Present. In lecture one, The Dawn of Freedom, he explains how the African American experience is a prism to understand what it means to be American. You can access additional lectures, the course syllabus and other materials on the course website. Enjoy African American History 101!

One thought on “The Dawn of Freedom

  1. Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding MOOCs and other online educational platforms, examples like this make me very excited about a new era of web-based learning. I enjoyed Dr. Holloway’s lecture, but, more importantly, the open format allows me to share this material with friends and family who may not have access to traditional modes of education. I think this is especially crucial at a time when the increasing costs of college are making it more difficult for diverse populations, particularly lower and middle income people of color, to gain access. I imagine open source lectures like these being used to foster community dialogues, engaging material that previously was only available to students in-person.

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